Safety Shoes Store in Crescent Springs, KY

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We have a safety shoe store in Crescent Springs, KY. We specialize in safety toe footwear for work. We also carry Carhartt work clothing, boot polish, Carhartt hats Bear leather maintenance and more. We specialize in B2B accounts, and outfitting employees with footwear to keep them safe. Our best-selling safety shoe brand is Hytest. Come check us out in Crescent Springs, KY!

Come in and browse our stock of comfortable yet stylish work shoes – we carry a large number of safe, OSHA-compliant brands – more brands than most of our competitors. It’s our mission to carry comfortable, supportive, safe, and stylish work shoes at a price our customers can afford.

Safety Shoe Distributors specializes in work footwear.

Our Centralized Crescent Springs Store Location

Stop by and check us out at:
576 Buttermilk Pk.
Crescent Springs, KY 41017
PH: 859-344-6600

We’re open Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Saturday 10am - 2pm


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