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Picture of 094B ACCESSORIES Socks


$24.99 (USD)

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Picture of 92 ACCESSORIES Socks


$22.99 (USD)

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$18.99 (USD)

Picture of 154-2 Players Socks

154-2 Players Socks

$5.99 (USD)

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$24.99 (USD)

Picture of MC01 Mega Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Insoles

MC01 Mega Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Insoles

Retail price:  $24.99 (USD)

Picture of 254-2 Players Socks

254-2 Players Socks

$5.99 (USD)

Picture of 91 ACCESSORIES Socks


$22.99 (USD)

A good pair of safety shoes can be undermined or undercut by the wrong pair of socks or the wrong pair of insoles. Our wide selection of socks and insoles offer additional protection for hardworking men and women. We feature prominent brands such as FoxRiver, Mega Comfort and PowerStep. We provide our customers the selection that they deserve and a selection that guarantees dry and comfortable feet for their entire work day! Our socks and insoles are priced competitively. Prices start as low as $5.99 and are relative to the degree of comfort offered. Don’t miss our selection of safety accessories that are also offered here on our site!

A good-quality pair of work boots costs a little more than your average pair of tennis shoes. With that said, make those boots last with a pair of socks specifically made for those long days in the field. Our socks here at Safety Shoe Distributors are hand-chosen for sale by the experts here who’ve been in the workwear business since the 80’s. Treat your new work boots with respect and care and they’ll last you a long, long time. A pair of our socks will keep the inside of the shoe protected from excessive moisture and the resulting odor that accompanies the moisture. We also have winter socks that keep your feet warm and dry. We know our socks, a small investment to you, will protect your boots and keep them on your feet for years to come.

Don’t underestimate the power of insoles. Our Powerstep insoles will keep you in stride day in and day out. Don’t risk your feet, guys. Out and about, up and at it every day, the last thing you need is sore feet. A simple insole purchase will prevent this if you have existing foot stress due to either walking form or foot shape. Every working man should keep his feet protected. Our Powerstep insoles can be purchased along with your boots and complete the package. Be at your best out there.

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