Steel Toe Boots

Choose the Best Steel Toe Boots for Your Job

Whether your employer requires you to get steel toe boots or you are safety conscientious enough to want them, you can find the boots you need here because we have a wide selection to choose from. As important as it is to find a style and brand that suits your taste, there is more to choosing work boots than the way they look.

 Before you make your selection, consider the work environment you intend to wear them in. List the potential hazards and discomforts that threaten your feet on the job, and find a pair of boots that give you the protection you need. Here at Safety Shoe Distributors, we sell steel toe boots that have many different features, so you can purchase boots customized for your work environment.

Steel Toe Boot Features

We offer many boot features for you to choose from; a few of the most popular include:

·         Metatarsal Protection – As important as your toe protection is, you should also think about protecting the rest of your foot. Metatarsal protection keeps your feet safe in the event that a heavy object falls on them.

·         Slip Resistant – Same-level slips and falls constitute one of the most common workplace accidents. A fall does not have to be from a great height to injure, and slip resistant boots are an important way to protect yourself from any slick flooring conditions.

·         Static Dissipating – Anyone who works with electronic equipment may benefit from static dissipating boots. These boots protect both you and your equipment by reducing the static electricity you gather from the floor.

Find the Boots You Need at Safety Shoe Distributers

Whether you want steel toe boots that have the specialty features discussed here, or you have different needs, trust us to help you find the best boot for the work you do. Browse through our fantastic selection, then buy your new boots here or at one of our many locations. If you have a group order, you can also request our mobile shoe store, and the Shoemobile will come to you with a wide selection of the types of boots or shoes that your group is interested in.

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