Facts You Might Not Know About Steel-Toed Boots

A steel-toe boot (also known as an industrial boot, steel-capped shoe, steel-toed safety shoe and many other variances) is a durably-made boot or shoe that has a protective steel insert in the toe. It is made tough to withstand several pounds of pressure from a falling object (for example) or compression of an object. It is also usually made with a mid-sole plate to further protect again punctures from objects. Read our "facts you probably didn't know about steel-toed boots" to learn even more about this magnificent invention.

Did you know?

  • Steel-toed boots originated in Germany, and were invented at the end of World War II.
  • Some steel-toed boots are actually made with composite material reinforcement, a plastic such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or even aluminum.
  • Employers can force you to wear steel-toed boots before working according to law (depending on your job, of course.)
  • Some steel-toed boots are not boots at all. Styles have changed over the years, and some manufacturers even make steel-toed sneakers and clogs.
  • Steel-toed boots are meant to last for several years. They are built tough - meaning they won't fall apart in a couple of years like most sneakers do.
  • Some steel-toed boots can even protect you against a chain saw. How crazy is that? These boots are specially marked and are sometimes called "chainsaw boots."
  • All steel-toed footwear must go through vigorous OSHA compliance and licensing before hitting the shoe stores.

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Created on: 3/12/2015 1:59 AM
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