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Top 5 Tag-Along Steel-Toed Boots Products to Consider - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Want to keep your steel-toed boots in a good working condition? Not sure what kinds of socks go best with them? Keep reading if so—we’ve put together a list of products that go hand in hand with safety boots.

1.      Bottle of Kiwi Rain & Stain Protector – It’s in the name – this spray bottle will protect your leather, fabric, suede or nuback shoes or boots from the rain and from stains. It works well for all colors and allows boot and shoe material to breathe.

2.      Bear Leather Dressing Grease – This product is similar to the above one, but it is manufactured specifically to preserve the leather in shoes. It comes in 3.5 oz cans.

3.      Work Socks – this is a simple solution to all-day long comfort at work! Choose from FoxRiver, Mega Comfort, PowerStep and more. These socks are tailored specifically for protecting hardworking men and women and are perfect for steel-toed boots or shoes.

4.      Mink Oil Protectant – It’s not only an oil protectant, but it also conditions and waterproofs leather. It’s designed to keeps leather soft and supple.

5.      Kiwi Order Control Dispenser – This all-day dispenser will protect you from any smell your foot can dish out. It’s designed in an upside-down bottle, so you can dispense it in the front or back part of the shoe. 

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How to Keep Your Feet Safe at Work - Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping your toes and feet safe should be of the utmost importance to you while working. Whether you work in construction, in a heavy manufacturing field, in a laboratory or somewhere else where your feet could be in danger, finding the right type of safety shoes before you go on site will be required under standardized health standards and therefore by your employer.

If you work with equipment that could fall on you without a moment’s notice and you weren’t wearing steel-toed boots, the worst could happen. Moreover, it could impair your ability to work, and it could be fatal, too. Steel-toed boots are made to withstand several hundred pounds of falling pressure—keeping your feet safe and sound while working.

For your protection, we’ve put together a store that has it all: we carry steel-toed boots, alloy-toed shoes, composite-toed shoes, slip-resistant shoes, waterproof shoes, metatarsal shoes, electrical hazard resistant shoes, and more. Be sure to check out our legend on the left side of the homepage and the product description on each product to make sure you are purchasing the right type of shoe or boot for you.

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